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Dos Toros

Dos Toros was looking to find creative ways to drive traffic to their 15 New York locations for upcoming promotions. They were looking for ways to better target millennials, so we brought them the idea of leveraging Instagram Stories and Snapchat to get the word out about their promotions.


Dos Toros



Service Offered:

Content Creation. Animation. Photography. Campaigns.

project details

For each campaign, we design and launch teaser content days before the promotion to help build a buzz through their accounts on all platforms. We also leverage their influencer account, Pinto the Burrito. Pinto is a popular account on Instagram for which we produce content to supplement Dos Toros' current following. We also produce exciting and engaging content for the days of the promotions. We have partnered with them for a 97 cent taco day, a 4/20 campaign, and more! Check out a case study from one of our campaigns below.



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