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Pond Hockey Classic

The Pond Hockey Classic was looking to increase attendance at next year's event. We shot, produced, and edited an epic social montage video to drive awareness within the hockey community.


Pond Hockey Classic



Service Offered:

Video Production. Editing. Distribution.

project details

To capture an event as awesome as the Pond Hockey Classic, the Lilo video team traveled up to Lake Winnipesaukee to capture footage from the 2017 tournament. The idea was simple: capture the event in its natural light, and share it with the right people to make it go viral. We created a video experience that was consistent across different devices and platforms with or without sound. While targeting people who were likely to play in the tournament, we also encouraged them to tag their teammates for the 2018 tournament so that we could follow up with them when registration is open. As soon as the video hit  Facebook, the hockey world made it go viral.



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