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Quinnipiac Athletics

Quinnipiac University Athletics was looking for a social media strategy to reach their ten thousand students to increase game attendance. So, we brought them Snapchat. The best platform to college students, where they consume almost 30 minutes of their time a day.


Quinnipiac Athletics



Service Offered:

Content Creation. Video Production. Animation. Strategy.

project details

Throughout the sports season, we turned the Snapchat account into an experience for the students that resembled a sports TV show. Using an in-house Snapchat studio, we developed a way to work around strict guidelines against content uploading software. This allowed us to launch prerecorded and edited content like Top Ten Plays, animated game day teasers, player interviews, and commercial skits. We saw a completion rate of 96% which is 19% higher than the national average.


We also ran Geofilter campaigns throughout campus and the surrounding community to bring attention to games. The custom Geofilters promoted upcoming games and allowed fans to engage and share the upcoming event with friends. We continued to outpace industry benchmarks by averaging 50 views per use and a conversion rate of almost 50%.


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