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Lead Generation

Retro Fitness

With over 140 gyms nationwide, Retro Fitness needed a strategy to introduce their brand to Connecticut with the launch of their first gym in the state. We took to social media to generate content and show off the high energy gym as well as generate leads to grow membership.


Retro Fitness



Service Offered:

Lead Ads. Content Creation. Community Management. Photography.

project details

We needed to create content tailored to the gym and the company wide brand while creating a consistent voice across multiple social channels. The idea was to produce content consistently and include a variety of different forms of media to generate leads for the gym. We took on the role of being the community manager for Retro and produced content across all of their social channels. This content included GIFs, photos, and video.  We used lead cards to target potential members within a 5 mile radius of the gym and offered free trials and training sessions to get them in the door.


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